Q:  Why use the BARAK ERP solutions?
A:  BARAK Diamonds Software’s BI based solutions present the most updated ‘next generation’ tools for managing the entire workflow of diamonds and jewelry business operations. Based on extensive industry experience spanning over more than 20 years of focus on this particular market, our solutions are second to none in terms of being industry-specific and tailored to your business realities and operational needs.

The diamonds and jewelry market is inherently dynamic and consistently evolves. Our sophisticated BI platforms are on the very cutting edge of this sector.

BARAK ’s software solutions are easy to integrate into your current ERP infrastructure, and designed to enable each and every decision maker throughout the process – from executive management through procurement, logistics, design, production, sales and support – with tailor made information and functionality. Accessible from practically any place on the globe, our products are geared to maximize your organization’s ROI and increase profitability.
Q:  What are Log-On’s unique advantages?
A:  Log-On is one of the world’s leading software providers of state-of-the-art solutions since 1983, and is known for its professionalism, reliability and excellent customer service.

Most other companies among our competition are based on a specific person or technology, and are therefore very much exposed to market fluctuations – while Barak’s and Log-On’s solutions are based on industry-specific technology which is consistently updated and upgraded according to the market’s evolution and customers’ actual business realities and needs.

Another advantage is the fact that, as opposed to many fragile industry newcomers, Log-On is a stable vendor with long term market validation and track record.

Log-On is proud to maintain a vast variety of long-term customer relationships all over the world, including governments, financial organizations, high-tech companies as well as diamonds and jewelry manufacturers and wholesalers.

Please find additional information about Log-On at www.log-on.com .
Q:  What is SaaS and what advantages does it present customers with?
A:  SaaS refers to Software as a Service model, by which organizations refrain from the heavy capital investment associated with acquiring and installing hardware and software components required for their ERP operations. As the ERP solution resides on the provider’s domain, customers do not need to worry about installing any IT security measures and products to protect their proprietary information, nor accumulate headcount and other expenditure associated with it.

By taking advantage of BARAK ’s Software as a Service model you can enjoy the inherent TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) savings and our robust IT network and infrastructure:

● Eliminate any capital expenditures and organizational IT expenses
● Access to a more powerful and secure enterprise-grade IT infrastructure
● Consistent support to your organization’s dynamic business needs
● Eligibility to Barak's continuous platform-upgrading programs
● Scalable growth of your ERP requirements

To find out more about our SaaS solution licensing packages please press here.
Q:  Can I also purchase your ERP solutions in the traditional model?
A:   Yes, of course. Please contact our sales team to receive a detailed quote tailored to your specific operational and budgetary needs.
Q:  How fast can I implement your solution into my business?
A:  The integration process varies from one customer to another, so as to match in full each customer organization it is aimed to serve.
Generally speaking, the process can take from a few days to a few weeks and involves the following implementation steps:

· Customer survey to assess your particular needs and define the exact solution that would serve them best

· Constructing the system’s work environment and management suite based on your particular workflow

· Training your relevant staff in using the system (including both group and individual training sessions as required)

· Providing ongoing support as your team starts using the system

Integrating any IT system in enterprise organizations is a complex process which, if handled wrongly, may cause operational disturbance to your business. The Barak and Log-On integration teams come with extensive experience in defining and implementing the most advanced and sophisticated ERP and BI systems in diverse and multiple types of businesses worldwide. Consequently, project implementation procedures with our team are designed to be as short and smooth as possible.
Q:  What happens when, down the road, I may need software updates or new features added?
A:  The BARAK solution is a ‘live’ and dynamic platform, designed to be constantly improved and updated. Ongoing scalability and upgrading of our solutions is a central component of our long term customer relationships. Every evolving need you may have is immediately analyzed and evaluated by our expert team and is transformed to implementation in a very short cycle.
Q:  How may 'The Diamond Point' help my business?
A:   BARAK’s Diamond Point is an embedded B2B website that enables you to increase the exposure of your inventory to both your current and prospective customers with minimal investment for marketing and enhanced ROI.

By using the Diamond Point online application you can efficiently define and control what inventory and which prices each user will see when they are on the site.

In order to increase profitability and marketing focus, each search and ‘request for information’ by your target audience is recorded and kept in the ‘history’ function, enabling you the consistent monitoring and analysis of evolving market trends and customer preferences.
Q:  Is it dangerous for me to have all my business information on the Internet – when I use the SaaS option or the marketing value available through your Diamond Point service?
A:   Absolutely not! We have installed the most advanced and up-to-date security measures and technologies over all our online domains and server farms. Our sites are constantly scanned and monitored so as to identify and neutralize any cyber threats.

Please note the fact that the data is not physically stored in your facility and on your servers, but in a highly secured domain, ensures that it is fully protected against any unauthorized access and visibility.