BARAK for jewelry

BARAK for jewelry is the perfect solution for jewelry and diamond dealers.


The BARAK for jewelry is based on the BARAK for diamonds platform’s robust functionality set including its advanced analysis tools and reports. In addition it also includes all required functions, forms and reports that are needed to track and control the jewelry through the entire process flow – from design, raw materials procurement and production through the moment of sale to the end customer.

The BARAK for jewelry solution provides all the following features and benefits:

– Full control of the jewelry’s comprehensive Bill-Of-Material processing

– Tracking each inventory item's real cost, real carat weight and accurate production and sales history

– Advanced search functionality for certificate stones before and after being integrated into specific jewelry pieces

– Easy and paperless control of customers' orders and quotations from generation phase through shipping and collection

– Efficient and accurate control of all production aspects with sub-contractors including wages, productivity and quality