Our solutions

Diamond traders today must be able to access, monitor and control significant amounts of relevant and dynamic information to ensure their enterprise’s commercial success.

The BARAK ERP Solution is a robust software platform especially designed to meet the diamonds & jewelry industry’s business requirements of globally distributed enterprises of any size. Our ERP solution is one of the most effective Business Intelligence (BI) platforms available worldwide today.BARAK can be purchased either as an independent software product or as SaaS (Software as a Service) offering, for further ease of use and lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
Main Features :

– Universal access: Users can enter BARAK ERP solution anytime from anywhere in the world.
– Operational compatibility with leading industry systems and platforms.
– Cross-organization sharing: Enabling authorized users from all your offices and locations to enter  and view relevant information.
– Full business-cycle monitoring: Allowing users a real time control of the entire business process.
– No need for any software or hardware installation.
– Automatic stock upload to any website or e-trade application: including real time updates to a dedicated B2B website.
– Custom-made reporting options: enabling your users real time information based on any desired business-cycle parameter.
– Highly secure and sophisticated permission mechanism.
– The BARAK ERP solution has been developed with Microsoft tools

Product portfolio:
1. BARAK for diamonds
2. BARAK for jewelry
3. Diamond Point

For more details, please look at BARAK's Product Description Document