Success stories

Mrs. Dalia Klieman, EFD's CFO:

By working with BARAK as our sole ERP system, the entire operation follows the most correct and efficient work procedures, which are resulted in providing better service in a shorter time to our customers, and gaining higher profitably.

We use the system's rich library of analysis tools and reports in order to always take the right decision at the right time in both crucial situations and routine procedures.

The system is extremely flexible and enables us to response rapidly to any new requirement.

We feel that the BARAK system is 2 steps ahead from all other systems, and that we have a technology advantage on our competitors.

EFD is one of the largest manufacturers of Princess cut diamonds in the world and a second-generation DTC Sightholder with polishing and jewelry factories in Thailand, Russia and Israel.

BARAK is in use in all EFD's offices around the world since January 2008.



Mr. Moshe Matzliach (Matzi), Ofer Mizrahi's COO:

By using BARAK, we are continually gaining competitive advantages by providing our customers a real-time and accurate information regarding the merchandise they are looking for.

When our customers are happy, we are happy as well.

We, as top management, have a full control of our stock,  from the minute we purchased it, and until it is sold, regardless of where it was sold and by who.

The system contains the complete commercialand financial data of the entire organization, and yet we use the sophisticated permission mechanism to make sure all data is fully secured and protected.

Over the years we are using BARAK, we enjoyed the fact that the system is web-based and therefore can fully and easily interface with other web-based applications and tools.

Since we have been using the Barak software we have significantly increased our sales , and the BARAK system has a lot of credit in that – our needs are changing constantly and we always get the most educated and comprehensive solution from BARAK's professional team. Together we enhances a few advanced tools and reports that are an integral part in our core decision-making processes, such as what to buy, who to sell to etc.

We see BARAK as partners to a long-term relationship for many years to come.

Ofer Mizrahi Diamonds is a leading international diamond whole seller company, headquartered in Chicago with branches in NYC, San Francisco, Israel and Hong Kong.

BARAK is a single installation ERP software that serves dozens of users in all of Ofer Mizrahi's offices around the world, covering all aspects of the business for almost 3 years.