About BARAK Diamonds Software Ltd.

BARAK Diamonds Software Ltd. is a leading provider of BI-based software solutions specifically designed for the diamond and jewelry industry.
Our expert team of software development specialists regularly serves a global client base to provide effective and cost-efficient business solutions to best meet their operational challenges.

Our vision is to transform the company’s vast diamond industry knowledge and experience to cutting edge business solutions for sight holders and major diamond enterprises. Our advanced BI based solutions are designed to increase customers’ operational efficiency and profit and are backed by comprehensive training and support programs.


BARAK is a subsidiary of Log-On Software Ltd.

About Log-On Ltd.

Log-on is a privately held company which is a leading software company in Israel with over 200 engineers.
Log-on has almost 30 years of experience in developing and marketing advanced products and solutions for Mainframes, Security Systems, E-business, Conversion and Migration, Networking, and Cellular.

Among our customers are large enterprises like banks, insurance companies, government office and utilities, and many others.

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